3 Signs You Need Pipe Repair in Boyertown, PA

clogged drain

There is one term that can strike fear in the hearts and minds of homeowners: pipe leaks. Sure, perhaps maybe there are other, much more dangerous threats to your home, but a pipe leak can be sneaky. Since your piping is located under floors and between walls, you may not even be aware of a problem until it’s far too late and you’re left paying a hefty sum of cash to fix it. Once you do notice a problem, however, you need to call for pipe repair in Boyertown, PA immediately. Waiting a single moment longer can mean all the difference in how much money you spend in getting it fixed.
You can take comfort knowing that P.W. Essig is available at any time to provide you with pipe repair in Boyertown, PA. We work quickly to eliminate leaks and restore your pipes so they are working better than ever before. In addition, we also offer camera inspection service in order to locate the source of the leak, ensuring quicker detection and repair. A single pipe leak can prove costly, and we will take any measure necessary to fix them as soon as possible.
When Should You Call for Pipe Repair in Boyertown, PA?
If you suspect you have a leak in your pipes, please take a look around your home and notice the following signs:

High Costs on Water Bills: Are the costs on your water bills too high? Pipe leaks can waste up to thousands of gallons of water that could be used for other purposes. You shouldn’t have to be in a constant state of keeping up with high water bills, especially if they show no signs of lowering. Pipe repair from P.W. Essig will eliminate all that financial stress and then some.
Stained Ceiling: Sometimes, when it comes to leak detection, all you need to do is look up. At your ceiling, that is. A pipe underneath your bathroom on the second floor of your home may result in your ceiling becoming stained due to water damage. If the problem persists, the ceiling may even begin to sag, which all the more reason to call for repair immediately.
Dampened Floors and Walls: You may be noticing your walls and floors getting damper, which could be an indicator you need pipe repair in Boyertown, PA immediately. Failure to seek professional treatment can lead to extensive water damage on walls and floors, forcing you to spend more money on restoration services.

Contact P.W. Essig today if you need pipe repair in Boyertown, PA that will save you time, money, and water just in time for summer!

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