When Should You Consider Faucet Repair in Boyertown, PA?

Oftentimes, when we encounter a problem in our homes, we engage in the amusing practice of ignoring the problem in hopes that it will just disappear. Of course, this rarely if ever happens — and usually, pretending a problem isn’t there only causes more or bigger problems to spring up. So if you’ve been dealing with a leak or some other problem with your sink, keep in mind that a little drip or loose handle could soon be the least of your problems. Here are a few signs it may be time to call up for faucet repair in Boyertown, PA.

Your O ring has become worn out: Like so many parts of our homes, the O ring deals with regular wear and tear — and as such, can be prone to causing leaks. You might want to consider having the O ring looked at and replaced if water is leaking out from the handle areas of your sink.
Your washer has seen better days: Every single time you turn the water on, your sink forces your poor little washer against the valve seat. Over time, this constant friction can wear the washer down, leading to that oh-so-pleasant “drip drip drip” from the spout. There may be some temporary fixes, but calling up a professional to check for additional problems is always recommended.
There’s something really wrong with your pipes: This is one of the reasons you don’t want to dismiss something as “minor” as a leaky faucet offhand. Broken pipes can form cracks that mess up the pressure level of the water running through them, leading to leaks. For obvious reasons, broken and/or cracked pipes are not something you want to be dealing with at your home, so call up a plumber as soon as possible if you suspect this to be the problem.

If you’re annoyed by the constant “drip drip drip” of your faucet, don’t just shut the bathroom door and ignore it — there could be something worse causing it. The best way to find this out is, unsurprisingly, to call up a plumber so they can look at it and figure out what’s wrong. And when you need this kind of service in Boyertown, PA, P.W. Essig is always a safe bet. Countless other homeowners have trusted them to get the job done right — will you be next?

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