3 Signs You Should Consider Toilet Repair in Reading, PA

The John; the throne; the loo; the can; the dunny—no matter what you call it, when your toilet isn’t working properly, you need toilet repair in Reading, PA.
You Need Toilet Repair in Reading, PA When…
When you look at it objectively, the toilet is a masterpiece of elegant, simple functionality. In fact, though styles may have changed a lot over the years, the basic mechanism of a toilet hasn’t changed that much at all. Perhaps the single biggest development was moving the water tanks down to the seat instead of hanging them up against the ceiling. Either way, the original flush mechanism worked decades ago and still works today.
However, because we use our toilets a lot, they can, over time, break down. And when that happens, you need to call a professional plumber to take care of it. Because a simple little issue can quickly become a big problem if you don’t know how to handle it. Here are three signs you need toilet repair:

The toilet keeps running. It’s irritating, but worse: it wastes a lot of water, plus, it means the toilet doesn’t flush properly when you use it. So for hygiene’s sake and to keep your water bills down, make sure to call a plumber right away.
The toilet is leaking around the base. This generally indicates a leak somewhere and needs to be taken care of immediately. If you let it go unaddressed for too long, you risk incurring considerable water damage.
The toilet bowl is cracked. This rarely happens, but it’s a possibility if you’re having work done in the bathroom and something hard and heavy hits the bowl. Though there are ways to repair the porcelain, we recommend you talk to your plumber and see if that’s a viable option. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace it.

Call PW Essig for Toilet Repair in Reading, PA
As soon as you notice anything amiss with your toilet, call PW Essig and schedule an appointment. We’ll assess the damage and provide you with a transparent, reasonable quote for repairs. And of course, we always complete the job promptly and professionally

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