Ask Our Pipe Service in Reading: What Should You Do When Pipes Leak?

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As a top-rated pipe service in Reading, we always try to provide our customers with reliable information about plumbing issues. In this article, we’ll discuss pipe leaks.

Pipe Leak Advice From Your Pipe Service in Reading

Pipe leaks are inconvenient at best and a hazard at worst. They range from a small, easily fixed leak in the basement to a serious leak close to electrical wires in your master bathroom. A small leak on an exposed section of plumbing can be easily patched, while a tiny leak in a pipe that runs under your floor can take a lot longer to detect and fix.

However, any leak that’s left unaddressed is detrimental to your property. Water damage can affect everything from carpets and furniture to floorboards, plaster and even the foundation of your home. It can create rot, which attracts vermin and produces mold growth, which can be extremely bad for human health.

Knowing all of this, our first and most important piece of advice is this:

If you suspect you have a pipe leak, call your plumber right away!

Of course, there are other steps you can and/or must take:

If it’s a big leak and a lot of water is entering the home, turn off the main to stem the flow of water.
If the leak is anywhere near electrical wiring, don’t touch anything. Get all family members and pets out of the home and wait for your plumber and electrician to arrive.
If the leak is small to moderate, mop it up as best you can while you wait for your plumber.
If there’s a lot of water, move as many of your possessions out of the way as possible. When your plumber arrives, ask him or her whether you need to call in environmental services to dry out the affected area of your home to prevent rot and mold.

Contact PW Essig for Pipe Service in Reading

If you’re in the unfortunate situation that a pipe is leaking in your property, call PW Essig right away. We’ll do everything we can to fix the issue and help you dry out your home quickly and effectively. So don’t wait: call PW Essig today!

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