3 Common Heating Problems Solved by Our Hanover Heating Service

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Your furnace busts in the middle of this winter’s roughest storm—hey, it happens. Still, it’s incredibly concerning when you don’t sufficient heating during the coldest months of the year, especially if you have small children and pets in your household. Things like a malfunctioning thermostat or a weakening heating system can really lower the level of comfort in your home this winter to the point where you’re heavily relying on sweaters, blankets, and cups of hot soup just to keep you warm.

But have no fear, because PW Essig offers exceptional Hanover heating service that will cover all of your heating needs for the winter. There is really nothing our technicians can’t handle, and we’ll ensure that your winter is the warmest to date! In our years of experience, we’ve seen some of the most complex heating problems and dealt with them all with the highest sense of technical precision. So if you think your heating problems are too difficult for our team, you may want to think twice!

How Can We Handle Common Heating Problems?

At PW Essig, we believe knowledge is power, and the more you know about the exact cause of a heating problem the faster you can take the correct steps in getting it fixed. Here are 3 common heating problems we’ve encountered over the years, and what you can do to fix them!

Thermostat Malfunctions: Your thermostat is mainly responsible for preserving a balanced temperature in your home, so it can be a real bummer when it’s not working properly. Reasons for thermostat failure include poor or faulty wiring, poor home placement, or problems with the thermostats heat anticipator.

How to Solve: Check your home’s electrical connections and note any loose or corroded wiring. If your thermostat seems damaged beyond repair, call up a professional at PW Essig for replacement.

Cold Spots: When you some rooms of your home feel warmer than others, it’s a sign you have cold spots, which generally occurs when heat fails to transfer to some rooms of your home either due to poor thermostat configuration or major heat loss through exterior walls. This can be an incredible waste of heating, and be one of the primary reasons your heating bills are skyrocketing in costs.

How to Solve: Install radiant floor heating that can bring heat to floors in all rooms of your home. This will eliminate the threat of cold spots and ensure overall better comfort.

Strange Furnace Noises: Your furnace should ideally deliver heat without making a peep. Banging noises may occur due to excess dirt on the furnace interrupting the ignition and resulting in a natural gas fire, which may create a mini explosion in the heat exchanger. Have an ear out for any whistling or sizzling noises.

How to Solve: Call up PW Essig for furnace maintenance. One of our heating experts can inspect the noise and determine its source quickly so they can make any repairs.

Contact PW Essig today if you’re looking to have these problems fixed and more thanks to our Hanover heating service!

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