3 Amazing Benefits of Water Jetting in Hanover!

Water jetting. What is it?

Water jetting is the process of unclogging sewage lines with highly pressurized water. Some water jetting systems use upwards of 4000 psi (pounds per square inch) in order to blast through thick grease and organic buildup. Most garden hoses only produce 40 to 70 psi.

So aside sounding like it would be interesting to watch in action, why is it useful for homeowners in Hanover?

1. Unclogs without chemical drain cleaners

Cooking grease and hair can make one gnarly clog in your drain. Water jetting power washes your pipes without having to use corrosive chemical drain cleaner. Sure the stuff can sometimes manage to address minor clogs (as long as they are not made of solid materials) but not before damaging your pipes first.

2. Water jetting reaches the source

Chemical drain cleaner is further limited by the fact that it may not always reach the site of the clog, especially if it is deep in your home’s plumbing or already well on it’s way to the septic tank. Professional water jetting systems can have up to 500 feet of cord, which means clogs can run, but they can’t hide.

3. Water jetting results in actually clean pipes.

A plumbing snake is best used for clearing debris from clogged garbage disposers or congested paper waste. However, it can’t scrape the gunk and buildup that slows down materials as they pass through a drain.

Water jetting breaks apart clogs and scrubs away materials that cling to the inside of pipes.

Should I wait for a problem to schedule a water jetting session for my Hanover home?

When a question is posed like that you can assume that the answer is, “no, don’t wait.” Septic repair can be a big, ugly and expensive job. Trust us, it’s what we here at P.W. Essig do for a living. Water jetting is a far more cost effective preventative measure that will help extend the life of your Hanover home’s plumbing.

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