Water Heater Repair in Reading, PA

Every day use will result in eventual repairs

It would probably be pretty difficult to name an appliance in your home that hasn’t broken and needed repairs at some point or another – and a water heater is no different.

A water heater is one of those appliances that’s used day after day, but that you most likely don’t think too much about. You just expect to turn on the water before showering and have it be hot. But, when it’s cold, it takes you by surprise. It’s usually at that moment when you realize that something might be wrong.

So, why is your hot water heater all of a sudden acting up?

The following are the most common water heater problems that we recommend you be aware of:

Having no hot water, or inadequate water temperature
Leaky pipe connection
Leaky water storage tank
Rust colored water
Rotten egg odor
Low rumbling or popping noise
High pitched whining
Pilot light problems
Thermostat issues (such as it being set too high or too low)
Gas control valves
Burner assemblies
Build-up of rust and corrosion
Sediment deposit
Temperature and pressure relief valve dripping

At Essig Plumbing and Cooling, we can repair any problems your water heater may be having. Unfortunately, though, if it’s leaking the only option is replacement. It sounds horrible, but replacing your tank will save you money in the long run because it will prevent constant repairs in the future.

But, how can you prevent these repairs without replacing your tank?

Pretty simply, actually.

If you don’t think anything is currently wrong with your water heater and you want to keep it that way, getting annual maintenance on it will do the trick. Proper water heater maintenance will alleviate most of the above problems, including a leak, and keep your tank working efficiently for longer.

For any and all hot water heater needs, call Essig today!

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