Bathroom Faucet Leak in Reading, PA

No one likes a leaky faucet
There are several small moving parts that make up a faucet, and if any of them wear out or break, a very annoying leak can result. If this happens, you will probably see a slow drip that can waste a great deal of water and money. Unless you are familiar with plumbing, you should always leave this type of job up to a professional.
There are other instances where a faucet can malfunction to the point to where it sprays water all over the bathroom. You need to find the shut-off in this instance so that you can stop the flow of water and call a plumber. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you should ever experience this type of emergency.
If you have an older, compression-type faucet then you may find that you need repairs on a regular basis. These faucets often need upkeep because they use washers to shut off water flow. These washers are made of rubber, and often break over time with repeated use. You’ll see a constant drip of water from the faucet head if your washers wear out, and you may want to consider a replacement of the unit.
Call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today if you are tired of annoying faucet leaks so we can fix the problem once and for all.

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