Essig’s Top 6 Furnace Brands in Reading

Here at Essig, winter means it’s furnace repair and maintenance time. Our experienced technicians are trained to service or repair all makes and models on the market. So no matter where your brand loyalty lies when it comes to keeping your Reading home warm this winter, you and your family can rest easy on the knowledge you’ll be warm all winter long.

Goodman – Goodman gas furnaces reliably deliver industry leading levels of in home warmth and energy bill savings. Their variable and multi-speed furnaces can provide enhanced indoor comfort by gradually ramping up your temperature rather than simply kicking it up to full speed right away.
Lennox – Lennox makes a great high efficiency furnace that is undoubtedly one of the quietest running units available. Described as a “soothing change of pace,” their variable speed technology will enhance your in home comfort and potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills each winter.
Coleman – Manufacturer of the some of the highest rated gas furnaces in the industry. Top models boast a 98% AFUE and far exceed government standard which ensures exceptional quality and industry leading energy efficiency.
Trane – Their latest furnaces bring heating into the ‘information age.’ Top models are equipped with advanced ComfortLink II communicating technology that allow the furnace to constantly calibrate itself for optimal performance year in and year out.
Carrier – Carrier’s best furnaces will keep your home comfortably warm all winter long at a price that’s pretty comfy too. It doesn’t matter if your fuel source is oil or gas, they have the furnace for you. Carrier top models are so energy efficient, their marketing material claims the “only furnace more efficient at burning fuel is the sun.”
Rheem – Offering some of the finest heating solutions in the industry, Rheem makes high quality, innovative furnaces equipped with the very latest technology, long lasting performance, reliable warranties and unrivaled customer service and support. When it’s all said and done, Rheem is unquestionably one of the best furnaces on the market.

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