Is Your Water Heater Leaking in Reading, PA

If so, replacement is necessary
We know getting a replacement tank sounds horrible, but unfortunately if you have a leaking water heater that is the only option. And because water heaters aren’t meant to last forever, this is an issue that you will probably come across.
What causes water heaters to leak?
Water heaters are these big metal tanks that seem indestructible, so how do they all of a sudden spring a leak? There are several reasons for this, and it might be beneficial for you to know what they are:

Drain valve: The drain valve is used for draining the tank if the need arises. If this valve becomes loose, it causes water to leak from it. If this is the problem, tighten the valve and the leak should stop. Fortunately, this type of leak can be repaired with a simple turn of a wrench.
Excessive pressure: When there is excessive pressure buildup in the tank, the temperature pressure release valve may sense it and cause the tank to leak. If the temperature of the heater is too high, the valve will trip. Another cause of a leak is when the pressure of the water leading into your house is too strong.
Corrosion and rust: As the tanks age, they tend to corrode and rust as sediment from the water it holds builds up. If left unattended for a long period of time, the corrosion will eventually eat through the tank, causing a hole that grows and results in a leak.
Condensation: Sometimes a leak isn’t a leak after all. If you notice your tank is covered with water and dripping, it may just be condensation building up. This happens when cold water enters the tank and the air surrounding the tank is warmer than the water inside of it. If you live in a warmer climate, this is more likely to occur.

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