Water Pump Replacement in Reading, PA

Air and water just don’t mix
The average water well has a submersible pump that sends water into your home. They are usually used in conjunction with the well’s pressure tank. Air within that tank pushes water out of the well while the pump is running. When you don’t need water anymore, the pump shuts down and the well tank refills until you need it again.
If you turn on a faucet and you have a mixture of air and water, this is a sign that you have a serious issue with your well pump. In many cases, a pump can become blocked with debris such as silt or sand and have to work much harder than normal. This will not only shorten the pump motor’s lifespan, it will also result in energy bills that are much higher than normal. The pump may also have problems starting because of a voltage problem or because its impeller is not correctly aligned with the motor.
If you ever have any issues with your well pump, call Essig Plumbing and Cooling.

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