Well Pressure Tank Replacement in Reading, PA

No pressure, just replace the tank
If your water pump cycles on and off too often, or the water pressure in your home is not sufficient, then you may want to consider having your pressure tank replaced. You may also want to consider a replacement if the lights in your home flicker while you are using water, or your breakers trip on a consistent basis.
A pressure tank, when operating correctly, provides the right air-to-water ratio so that your water flows from the well into your home normally. In a way, the air inside the tank acts as a spring, pushing water out when the tap is opened. The pressure decreases until it is low enough for the pump to be able to start. When the pump starts, the tank refills with air until it gets to about 60 psi and shuts the pump off again.
Make sure that the tank is tightly connected to the water supply if you’re having problems. Also, look for “sweating” when the weather is humid. This could lead to pressure loss as well. Other possible causes for pressure tank problems include broken pipes and air in the water lines.
Call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today if you have any problems with your well pressure tank.

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