Sink Style Guide

Whether you’re considering a renovation or building out a new bathroom, one vital detail is the style of your sink faucet. This goes for your kitchen and your bathroom. You’ll be using the faucet every day, so it needs to function well and fit in with the style of your home. There are more options than you might think at first glance. We’ll give you a basic rundown of the popular styles, so you can make the right choice for your home and family.

What Are My Options for a Bathroom Sink?

Let’s start in the bathroom. Here you can focus more on style over functionality since you likely only need to wash your hands. You won’t need a garbage disposal or other capabilities as you would for your kitchen. With that in mind, consider the following options.

Drop-in Sink

This is a common style because of the simple installation. The sink is basically a bowl with a lip that fits snuggly into your vanity. The weight is concentrated on the lip around the sink. This works perfectly well and won’t alter your countertop. This means you can always switch it out for another styler if you have second thoughts.

The downsides are the that things can get caught under the lip. This is more of an issue in your kitchen where you might try to sweep some food into the sink only for it to get caught.


Instead of bearing the load on the top of the countertop as it would in a drop-in sink, an undermount sink is screwed in from the bottom. This requires a bit more precision with your countertop and won’t lend as well to replacements. Additionally, you’ll need the countertop to be of a strong durable material so that it can effectively bear the load of the undermount sink.

Vessel Sink

If you’re a fan of more modern designs, you may appreciate this design. The entire sink basin sits on top of the vanity. This allows for more unique materials to be used such as stone or ceramics. Paired with a wooden countertop and you can have a standout piece to make your bathroom unique.

Kitchen Options

Next, we’ll talk about the other area of your home where your kitchen is vitally important. The key thing to remember is that you’ll need it for more uses than your bathroom sink. Keep functionality in mind when making this choice.

Double Basin

You have limited space for your sink, so you have to consider how you want to utilize it effectively. For many, a double basin sink is the best way to do that. This allows you to separate dishes on both sides of your sink. This gives added functionality, but also comes with limitations. You might have trouble washing large casserole dishes or pots since the double basin’s cut your usable area in half essentially.


If you really want the best functionality, this sink might be your best bet. This type of sink is much larger and utilizes things like drying racks and cutting boards. They call it a workstation sink because it’s common in professional kitchens.

However, this is often a bit much for the typical home chef. If cooking is a big passion, this might be the best choice for you. Just keep in mind that the size of these sinks mean they cost a bit more than your average sink installation.

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