What Can Affect Water Quality in Reading, PA?

So you wake up in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water. You groggily hold a cup under your faucet and allow the seemingly clear water to fill it up. You then take a sip—and then you spit it out! What on earth happened to your water quality in Reading, PA? Did some magician in a far off land cast a spell that left your water tasting like some unearthly poison? Well, the truth certainly isn’t as fanatical, and perhaps even a little scarier. There are many things that will threaten the quality of your water and keep you spitting out glasses of water repeatedly.
But poor water quality won’t just limit your drinking options. It can also prevent you from getting dishes washed, laundry cleaned, and even using your plumbing fixtures to the best of their abilities. In the face of such adversity, you should turn to P.W. Essig for water solutions. We have products EasyWater and Master Water that will provide you with the strongest water conditioning possible. We can install them all in your home quickly so you and your family can enjoy healthy water for all purposes!
Beware of these Water Contaminants!
The key to getting the perfect water conditioning system is knowing what exactly is causing your water quality in Reading, PA. When you suspect your water supply has gone afoul, it may be due to the following:

Hard Water: Hard water contains higher levels of minerals including calcium and magnesium. While hard water may not be readily noticeable, it can make for spottier dishware and stiffer laundry. In addition, skin and eye irritation may occur when you take a shower with hard water. Worse, it can damage your plumbing fixtures and keep them from operating properly. Water softening solutions to keep mineral levels healthy so you’re able to live in your home without any discomfort.
Bacteria & Viruses: The scary reality of water treatment is that many pathogens are resistant to treatments used by city water plants. They can still seep into your home and lead to illnesses like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid. Many of these pathogens are tasteless and odorless, meaning you could be consuming them and virtually having no idea.
Chlorine & Byproducts: Many city water plants will use chlorine and other chemicals to rid water of bacteria. However, successful as they may be, these chemicals remain in the water supply. This can result in serious health consequences, and it also wear out any laundered clothing. Higher levels of chlorine in your water supply can be traced by its scent, making your home smell like an indoor swimming pool.

Contact P.W. Essig today if want to improve water quality in Reading, PA, especially if you’re experiencing problems with any of the contaminants listed above.. We have a water quality solution for any home!

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