How Can You Prepare Your Air Conditioner in Reading, PA for the Summer?

The summer season is coming closer and closer every day, which means it’s time to take inventory of your air conditioning system and how it can best help you through those hot and humid months. You may think there’s nothing to worry about, but if you haven’t checked your air conditioner for a while, it may have some issues that are reducing its efficiency and ability to cool your home. If that’s something that concerns you, take a look at this quick and handy guide — which will offer a handful of quick and easy tips on how you can prepare your air conditioner in Reading, PA for the summer.

Replace your filters: HVAC experts recommend that you replace your air conditioner’s filters twice a year, once before the summer and again before the winter. You can simply clean the filters if they don’t look dirty enough to be replaced outright, but either way, ensuring that there’s no dust or debris in the way will keep the cool air flowing through your house.
Clean the condenser coils: Since the condenser unit sits outside, it’s at risk for a lot of dirt and debris getting inside. Ensure the power is turned off, then remove the protective grilles from the unit using a screwdriver. Use a refrigerator coil brush to gently remove any accumulation that’s built up, and be sure not to bend the fins — if they become misaligned, they can reduce airflow.
Prevent debris from getting inside: Make sure the area around your condenser unit is free from potential debris that could get inside, and cover it with a small tarp before weed whacking or mowing your lawn. You can provide additional protection by setting the unit on top of a small platform made out of rot-proof material, which will also keep the unit from tilting when the dirt settles.

If you want to ensure your air conditioner is up and running well for the brutally hot and humid summer months, there are plenty of DIY solutions that can improve its efficiency. If there’s a problem that’s just too big for you to handle by yourself, though, call P.W. Essig. We can supply you with a top-quality air conditioner in Reading, PA, and will make sure your family stays comfortably cool from June onward.

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