How Can You Maintain Your Water Heater in Bethlehem, PA This Spring?

Like any appliance in your home, your water heater in Bethlehem, PA needs care and attention to keep it working well and provide hot water for a wide range of purposes. Can you imagine how difficult how life would be without it? You would be greeted with a blast of cold water for shower every morning, dishes wouldn’t get fully washed, and you’d have to make a trip to the laundromat to wash your clothes. These may seem like minor annoyances at first, but they can really add up to one huge inconvenience that will interrupt your daily activities.Your water heater needs to be maintained regularly, and PW Essig is here to provide you with advice on how to ensure you continue to receive a steady flow of hot water this spring. Many people don’t even realize just how a few simple maintenance activities can change their water heater for the better. That’s why our team aims to show homeowners that a little maintenance goes a long way. We want to see you supplied with hot water for many years to come.
Maintain Your Water Heater with These Tips!
If you want to breathe new life into your water heater, please follow these maintenance tips:

Check Water Heater Temperature: You don’t want your water heater making water too hot to the point where it’s scalding. Having your water heater set at a higher temperature also means the system will work even harder to heat up water, increasing your energy consumption. Keep your water heater at a safe temperature that won’t result in burning and to save money on your monthly energy bills.
Check for Leaks: Are you noticing your water bills increasing in cost for seemingly no reason? Well, it may indicate there is a leak in your water heater tank. Observe your water heater tank if you suspect there are any leaks and take the proper steps to seal them up.
Drain the Tank: The function of your water heater tank may be interrupted by sediment buildup that can form at the bottom of the tank, resulting in damage and loud, banging noises. To avoid such a possibility, drain the water heater tank annually by a few gallons. A full flush of the tank is recommended if the amount of sediment is excessive.
Clean the Area around Your Water Heater: Make sure other belongings are kept a certain distance away from your water heater to avoid a fire hazard. If you own a gas-fired water heater, it’s important that nothing is blocking its access to oxygen or else it will damage the water heater and even cause carbon monoxide leaks.

Contact P.W. Essig today if you want to learn more on how to maintain a water heater in Bethlehem, PA. You be able to live in total comfort this spring, and part of that is having a working water heater!

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