How Can You Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner in Reading, PA?

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Summer is coming up fast, which means it’s time to prepare your home for the scorching temperatures and often-unbearable humidity of the season. If you have central air, there are actually steps you can take right now to make sure it’s up and running in peak shape for those tough few months. Don’t let a poorly-maintained central air conditioner in Reading, PA be the only thing standing between you and the comfort of a cool, dry house— check out these quick tips for home upkeep of your central air system.

Remove Debris from the Condenser Unit: The condenser unit can easily be filled with debris that will reduce the effectiveness of your central air system. After turning off the unit’s power, remove the fan cage, then clean the inside either by hand or with a wet vac. Also, consider ways to reduce the amount of debris that end up there in the first place: keep leaves, cut grass and other potential hazards at least 2 feet away from the unit on all sides, and cover it when you’re not using it during the winter months.

Clean and Straighten the Cooling Fins: Using a hose or special cleaning spray, discharge dirt and debris stuck in the cooling fins. After they’re cleared out, use a straightening tool to unbend any misaligned fins. This maximizes the amount of air that can properly flow through them — just be careful not to damage any of the tubes during the straightening process.

Change the Filter: The number of times a year you change your filter, and when you choose to do it, can have a significant effect on the shape of your central air conditioner. You should swap the old filter out for a new one a minimum of twice a year, but check it on a fairly regular basis to make sure it doesn’t need to be changed more often than that. In addition, set a reminder so you don’t forget to change it at least once at the beginning of the heating season and again at the beginning of the cooling season.

The cool comfort provided by a working central air conditioner is a godsend during the brutal summer months. Ensure your unit is in tip-top shape by performing regular maintenance on it, and you and your family can enjoy the solstice worry-free. And if you could use some help with any of the maintenance required, or find yourself in need of repairs, P.W. Essig is the best way to get high-quality and fast assistance with your central air conditioner in Reading, PA.

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