How Can You Go Green with Your HVAC in Reading, PA?

HVAC Maintenance Worker

Chances are, you’ve heard the benefits of going “green”. The energy efficiency, tax benefits, and peace of mind that you are doing something good for the environment. Many homeowners are not sure exactly how to pursue their environmentally conscious goals. You can have green HVAC in Reading, PA. Here are some things that will make your heating and cooling system more environmentally friendly.

Purchase Energy Efficient Products: If you are installing a brand new HVAC system or replacing an old one, consider something rated by ENERGY STAR. These not only qualify customers for tax rebates. They also cut down on heating and cooling costs. Investing in an HVAC unit designed to run efficiently is the most effective way to heat/cool your home in a greener way.
Get the Right Size: A lot of folks go out and get something too big for their home. Increasing capacity does not add efficiency. In fact, the more frequent cycling wastes precious energy. With the exact right size, you’ll save a lot of electricity. Consult with a contractor who specializes in HVAC in Reading, PA for a look at your home and what type or model of system you need.
Go from Manual to Programmable. Thermostats now come in programmable models you can set based on when you’re home or not, sleeping or awake, or when you most need heating or cooling. Just a couple of degrees can make a significant difference in energy consumption. Annual energy savings become measureable in the $150+ range when you set a programmable thermostat correctly.
A greener HVAC system will consume less energy, while contributing to lower power and fuel consumption overall in the power grid. You’ll also help reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
Choose Your Contractor Wisely: Ask your dealer about efficiency to ensure they’re able to meet your efficiency needs. These days, HVAC contractors are focused on efficiency and savings so should be experienced with properly installing the system that’s just right for your home.
Maintenance: Regular maintenance, changing air filters, and cleaning and inspecting components, or duct work if you have it, will allow your HVAC system to run greener.
Think Beyond HVAC: There are other factors that determine how well your heating and cooling system runs. Install windows that don’t transmit heat or cold so easily or upgrade your insulation. Most people don’t associate these with their air conditioning, but the types of windows and insulation in your home affect how well warm or cool air acts inside.

These are a few ways you can go green with your HVAC in Reading, PA. To guide you along, P.W. Essig employs trained and experienced contractors to inspect your heating/cooling system and home to see what measures you can take. You can be green by purchasing the right products and changing your habits at home.

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