3 Signs You Have Sewer Backup in Reading PA

sanitary sewer manhole cover

You spend most days of the year barely thinking about your sewer system, but when there’s a problem, your sewer lines can majorly disrupt your life. You rely on your plumbing system for everything from cooking to cleaning, and that kind of consistent use means that your pipes deserve regular attention. If you’ve started to notice inconsistencies with your plumbing system, don’t ignore them—they may be a sign of a serious problem like sewer backup. PW Essig is a professional plumbing contractor that has years of experience handling sewer backup in Reading, PA. They want you to be able to recognize these three signs that mean you need their help.

Multiple Clogs: The occasional clogged shower drain or slow draining bathroom sink shouldn’t set off any alarm bells, but if you’re dealing with multiple clogs at the same time, you have a serious issue on your hands. Unclogging the drains one by one is only a short term solution. The drains are most likely getting clogged because of sewer backup. Hiring a professional plumbing contractor as soon as possible is the only way to keep the situation from getting worse.
Bubbles: Bubbles in your plumbing system are the result of water trying to get past a clog and trapping air within the pipes. If your toilet starts to bubble every time you flush or bubbles form in your sink when you let the water drain, that is a clear sign that something isn’t right. Perform a bubble test on every drain in your home to determine where the problem is. The bubbles may be the result of a small clog, but they may also be the start of a major sewer backup issue.
Water Backup: Flushing your toilet shouldn’t send water up and out of your sink’s drain. If this is happening, it means that water is being blocked by some kind of obstruction and is being sent on an alternate route through your piping system. Your home’s plumbing system is all interconnected, and this kind of backup could happen anywhere. The washing machine could be running and your kitchen sink may be making strange gurgling noises, or your toilet may begin to bubble. Regardless of where the backup is happening, it always means that bigger problems are headed your way.

Sewer backup in Reading, PA can easily turn into a stressful, expensive problem, and it’s always best to deal with the problem as soon as possible. PW Essig is standing by to offer their expert services and to help homeowners take control of their sewer systems with minimal stress and hassle. If you’ve noticed any of these sewer backup signs, don’t hesitate to call PW Essig.

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