Sewer Drain Clog in Reading

All it takes is for one drain problem to put a halt to your daily routine. That’s why if you begin to notice multiple drain clogs within your home, this could mean that you have a drain clog in your main sewer line.

Even if your drains appear to be just acting a bit sluggish, it’s still in your best interest to have a professional look at the problem, so that you can make sure. These backups can be quite messy, and the longer they are left alone, the worse they can get over time.

Drain Clog Symptoms in Reading

The following are symptoms of a clogged drain:

• Sewer water backing up through a basement or driveway drain when toilet is flushed.• Multiple plumbing fixtures in your home won’t drain properly.• Bubbles in your toilet when you run the sink.• Blockages in your drain clean out.• Toilets stop working.• When running the washing machine, soapy water comes up into the toilet drain or bathtub.• Plumbing fixtures acting strange. For example, water coming up through the tub drain when you flush the toilet.• Drains gurgle or drain slow, followed by a funky sewage smell.

If you have noticed any of the symptoms above, then you either already have a main drain clog on your hands or one is nearing soon. When you call Essig Plumbing to clear out your sewer drain, we will use a process called hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting in Reading

Hydro jetting is the most effective method for getting rid of even the toughest backups. With high-pressure water, these jets can blast through just about anything!

This process involves sending highly pressurized water quickly into your pipes to completely rid your drain of any and all obstructions. It tears apart the gunk clogging your drains into tiny particles and flushes them through the rest of your sewer line. Hydro jetting is so efficient that it will even clean your pipes and return them to a like-new condition. Your waste water will flow like you installed a new line and the days of standing water, constant clogs, and nasty smells will be a thing of the past.

If you have any questions about sewer drain clogs or want to get started at once, do not hesitate to call Essig Plumbing today!

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