Drain Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in Reading, PA

Every homeowner hates having drain clogs.  They’re messy, inconvenient, gross, and expensive — not to mention that, in extreme cases, sewer backups can be extremely unsafe, as waste water can bring disease-carrying bacteria into your home.  Not to fear, though, because Essig Plumbing can solve any drain emergency you ever had on the same day as your call!
But there are some things you can try that will prevent those nasty clogs!  Getting into the following habits can extend the lifespan of your drains and save you money on costly repairs.  Here are the Essig Plumbing Tips:

Don’t Flush What You Can Throw Away– One of the biggest drain problems our plumbers encounter results from people flushing absorptive hygiene products, paper towels, and other unauthorized materials down their toilet. When in doubt, throw it out!
Avoid Greasy Drains– When we shower, oils come off our bodies and wind up lining the walls of our pipes — that’s pretty much unavoidable.  The same goes for grease that comes off of our plates in the dishwasher.  Over time, these slick residues build up and restrict proper flow. However, you can avoid contributing to this gradual build up by throwing away grease rather than pouring it down the drain.  Wipe grease and fat accumulations away before washing, and you’ll save your drains some sticky mess.
Be Careful With Your Landscaping– Here in Pennsylvania, we love watching the colors change on the leaves — but we don’t  love when tree roots get into our underground sewer lines.  Tree roots can invade through the seams of your pipes and cause clogs, leaks, and even disjointing.  Whenever you plant a new tree, make sure it’s a safe distance from your pipes.
Have Them Maintained by the Experts– Drain clogs happen to everyone, but if you call in the Essig plumbing professionals at the first sign of trouble you will find solutions to these problems before they get out of hand!

Have a drain clog? Call Essig for drain cleaning service today!

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