Easywater No-Salt Water Conditioner Information – Berks County

EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner is a convenient, maintenance-free water conditioner that effectively removes hard water minerals and reduces lime scale buildup without adding salt or chemicals to your water.  Designed for whole-house and light commercial applications, EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner can be used to improve water from municipal water supplies and water supplied from private wells.
Three models incorporate electronic scale technology to give your water a more natural feel and help extend the life of your water-using appliances.  Different sizes and capacity levels provide options as you consider the best match for your home water conditioning needs at a price that’s right for you.  Choose the EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner NSC 1100, NSC 2200 or NSC 3500.
EasyWater Features and Benefits

Capacity options: Choose the capacity that best meets your needs and budget.  Capacity is expressed in grains per gallon (gpg).  Available capacities include 20 gpg (NSC 1100) and 100 gpg (NSC 2200 and NSC 3500).
Compact sizing: Light-weight and compact, EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner can be installed almost anywhere water conditioning is needed.
Safe and proven:  EasyWater systems do not use or contain any harmful byproducts.   Since 2001, EasyWater No-Salt Conditioners have become the leaders in home water conditioning across the country.
Highly effective: EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioners treat water by inducing electronic fields which prevent dissolved minerals from sticking to the inside of pipes, faucets or appliance fixtures.
Easy to install:  EasyWater systems are easy to install and do not require any maintenance.  The weather-resistant control panel can be mounted inside or outside, making it convenient for treating any water supply.  Easy to-read panel lights clearly display power and descaling activity.
Warranty: EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner systems come with a manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty.
Money-back guarantee: You can feel comfortable knowing that at any time within the first 90 days of purchasing any EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioner, you can return the system for a full refund if you’re not 100 percent completely satisfied.

Consult a Essig Plumbing professional today to learn more about EasyWater No-Salt Water Conditioners as an effective and convenient hard water treatment option!

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