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Essig Air Control- What is an Evaporator Coil?
Do you know how your air conditioner works? Basically, any AC unit’s function is to remove heat and humidity from the air before cycling it back into the rooms circulation. The part that is largely responsible for the entire operation of your AC is called the Evaporator Coil.
How Does the Evaporator Coil Work?
Your AC contains a compressed cooling chemical (e.g. R-22 or R-410A) that absorbs heat in the process of its transition from liquid to gas. The evaporator coil in your AC is charged with enacting this transition; as the cooling chemical is vaporized, the AC accomplishes its function. So, basically, your evaporator coil is your best friend in the summer months when you need your home to be comfortable and beat the heat. But what happens when your evaporator coil malfunctions? Well, there are generally two different types of outcomes to evaporator coil problems:

Decreased Air Quality- A dirty or damaged evaporator coil will facilitate mold growth, and the absolute last thing that you want is for your AC to be blowing mold odor all around your house. The moist and warm conditions inside your air conditioning unit are perfect for mildew and other undesirable growth, so you should always be sure the evaporate coil is clean.
Frost Formation– You want your AC to be cold, but frost formation isn’t normal, and it could be a symptom of a range of larger problems. Typically, frost on your AC indicates a broken or corroded evaporator coil, so you should contact a professional for help.

As always, the service professionals at Essig are available for repairs and replacements at all times. We recommend a routine maintenance service of your AC just so that no major problems come up at inconvenient points in the hotter months; nothing makes the summertime go south quite as fast as not having AC. Contact Essig for estimates on regular scheduled maintenance today!

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