Sizing Your Central Air System in Reading

Have an AC That Keeps You Comfortable Year After Year
When the time comes to purchase a new air conditioning system, you can’t take that decision lightly. A lot goes into it: What kind of system do you want, what model, what brand, and – perhaps most importantly – what size?
You need to pick an AC that can efficiently cool all occupied spaces, so the size of your home and the system you choose matters.
Common sense tells you that the larger the home, the bigger the air conditioner you need. While that is true, determining what size system suits you best isn’t just about picking the largest one.
Factors to Consider When Sizing Your Air Conditioner
There are four basic measurements that come into play when sizing your unit – the total square footage of the home, the type of structure you wish to cool, how many windows and doors your home has, and cooling capacity (BTUs).

Size of your home: To properly determine the size of your home, do your best to measure the length and width. Multiply the length and width together for each open space on your home’s floor plan. Once you have that, determining how many BTUs your air conditioner should have will be much easier.
Structure: The age of your home, along with where it’s located – in a suburban neighborhood or country outskirt – plays a role. Certain air conditioning systems are better suited to new constructions,  while others may work better for older, more historic buildings.
Windows and doors: In order to avoid paying more money to cool your home than you need to, it’s important to take in consideration how many windows and doors you have. Air circulates freely from room to room, so the number and placement of your windows can modify the exterior’s insulation. You need to get an AC that fits the set up.
BTUs: Once you have a good understanding of the three above points, you’ll be able to choose the right air conditioner for you and your family; one that will satisfy your cooling needs perfectly year after year.

Still confused? Don’t worry! That’s what the cooling experts at Essig are here for.
Our technicians are trained to appropriately size air conditioning units for all different types of homes in the Reading area. All you have to do is call us today!

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