AC Maintenance with Essig

With the warm days of spring slowly creeping their way in, the cold days of winter will soon be behind us. It’s time for Reading homeowners to dust off their air conditioners and get some preseason maintenance done by the cooling experts at P.W. Essig. Your air conditioner will be going through a lot this spring and summer: make sure it’s ready for the heavy stress that the warm weather brings with regular and routine maintenance.
Your air conditioner is a machine, and like all machines, the components that make it operate will wear out over time. Dirt, grime and those worn out parts can all come together and result in a major breakdown when you least expect it. The only way to ensure your equipments lasts all summer long is to have it inspected before the heavy heat comes.
Here are just some of the benefits of caring for your air conditioner with routine maintenance can bring:

Extended equipment life: Getting your maintenance in before the dog days of summer roll in will help prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning equipment by addressing minor issues before they evolve into a major breakdown.
Improved indoor air quality: Grimy components and dust caked air filters will make the air quality of your home less than ideal. Cleaning the internal parts of your AC will do wonders for your indoor air quality.
Reduced energy costs: Only an AC with properly maintained components will operate at peak efficiency. This means repairing damaged or faulty components can help you save on energy bills.
Reduced repair costs: It most cases, it can be more cost efficient to replace or repair a simple component than attempting to replace the entire unit. A major benefit of routine AC maintenance is being able to locate issues and fix them before they become larger problems that would lead to a replacement.
Reliable in-home comfort: No one wants to deal with a broken AC during a major heat wave. With routine AC maintenance with Essig, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your unit is ready to handle to the heat this spring and summer.

To schedule routine maintenance with a service expert from P.W. Essig, call the office today and don’t forget to ask how to save with our Service Partner Plan. We’re ready to help make this spring and summer the most comfortable it’s ever been for you and your family. Call today!

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