How to Tell If Your Furnace Is Damaged

Is My Furnace Broken?

If you switch your heat on and nothing seems to happen, your furnace may be broken. Not only does a malfunctioning heater mean your home won’t be warm and cozy, but it could pose the risk of carbon monoxide entering your family’s living space.

Not all signs that your furnace is on the fritz are recognizable. However, one of the easiest ways to tell if your heater is damaged and in need of repair is the noises it makes. If you hear any of these following noises, you’ll want to make an appointment with one of our technicians at Essig as soon as you can.

If Your Furnace is Making a Booming Noise

If you hear a loud banging that resembles a car backfiring, you may have a gas buildup in your system. You should never ignore this racket, because it may mean your heat exchanger is broken.

A heat exchanger is a set of either coils or tubes that are lopped through the airflow on the inside of your furnace and is responsible for heating air. If this crucial piece is cracked, you should never try to repair it yourself. Contact your local heating professional as soon as possible so they can inspect your system and perform any necessary repairs.

If Your Furnace is Making a Rattling Noise

This sound most likely indicates that something is rattling around in your system. A panel or screw could have come loose, but before you try to look inside or work on your furnace, make sure it’s powered off at the source. You can then try tightening the panel with a screwdriver.

If your panels appear to be on tight and you still hear the same sound, you may have a cracked heat exchanger. A damaged heat exchanger can leak carbon monoxide into your home. You should contact your HVAC company immediately to resolve the problem safely and quickly.

If Your Furnace Is Making a Screeching Noise

While a screeching noise is not as big of a problem as a loud metal-against-metal booming noise, but it could still represent a problem with your unit. Often, this high-pitched sound means you may have a damaged blower belt or belt-driven motor. To identify the cause of the noise, it’s best to call your local heating technician for a service appointment.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

At Essig, we recommend you give our team a call if you notice the following symptoms of a faulty heater:

You hear loud noises coming from your heating unit.

Your furnace is not producing warm air.

Your home is heating unevenly.

You smell rotten eggs when your gas furnace is on.

Your heater cycles on and off frequently.

Avoid Furnace Breakdowns By Scheduling a Service Appointment

You may hear some sound coming from your furnace when you first turn it on. However, if you do hear a loud noise coming from your furnace, don’t hesitate to call a technician immediately. Having your system professional inspected will prevent further damage to your unit and keep your family comfortable.

Whether your furnace is refusing to turn on, or you want to make sure that it’s working efficiently before use, contact our technicians. At Essig, your safety and comfort are the top priorities in our book. You are the most critical member of our winning team, and we are dedicated to getting your furnace operating so you can enjoy your home.

Call (610) 557-3302 today or submit an online contact form to schedule an appointment for quality heating services in Reading.

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