Is an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Really Necessary?

Spoiler alert, yes! And no, we aren’t just saying that — allow us to explain.

In many ways, your air conditioning system is like your car. It might keep going if you don’t keep it maintained, but only for so long. The truth is, without proper attention your AC unit will eventually fail — possibly even on a hot, humid summer day when you need it most!

Keeping your AC system maintained can also save money. For these reasons and more, here’s why we recommend getting a tune-up for your air conditioning system.

1. Lower Your Bills

Everyone likes to save money. Getting your AC system tuned helps you do just that. Each year, your AC system collects debris, dirt, and dust when it sits idle, which reduces its efficiency. It must work harder to keep running, which makes your energy bills increase. Furthermore, maintaining your AC system prevents more costly repairs down the road. Of all cooling problems we see, about 50% could have been avoided through regular maintenance!

2. Get Longer-Lasting Relief

You probably wouldn’t buy a new car and fail to keep up with maintenance. After all, it wouldn’t last long. The same philosophy applies to AC systems. Getting a regular tune-up is one of the simplest and easiest ways to prolong your air conditioning system’s lifespan. Even replacing the filter every few months can positively impact an AC unit’s longevity.

Today, most AC units last 10-20 years. Imagine doubling your system’s lifespan just with simple maintenance! A well-maintained AC unit is also more efficient, which means it regulates temperature more effectively and does a better job of heating and cooling your home’s interior than one that is not maintained.

3. Maintain the Warranty

One factor you probably consider when buying an AC unit is the warranty. Despite what you might think, your actions as a system owner can affect the validity of the warranty. If something goes wrong with your AC system, you’ll need to pay for the cost of repairs plus the component that the warranty would have covered. To check the details of your AC unit’s warranty, look for the warranty certificate in the manual — you may find it in a section called “Exclusions” or “Eligibility Requirements.”

4. Spring Into Action

As the weather starts to warm up this spring, you’ll probably start thinking about opening the windows to cool off the house. Although you’re not using it yet, spring is a great time to get your AC in top shape for the summer, too.

Since we get most service calls for AC during the summer, we have less flexible timing to handle your AC system’s maintenance and repairs. Therefore, we highly recommend scheduling maintenance during the spring months. Along with getting fast service, you’ll be able to turn the system on and instantly cool down your house on that first hot summer day!

Stay Cool and Breezy All Summer Long with Essig Plumbing & Heating!

When it comes to AC systems, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Why wait for problems when you can stop them in the first place? If you’re ready to save money, have a longer-lasting AC system, and enjoy the benefits of a predictably cool and pleasant house in the summer, don’t hesitate to give Essig Plumbing & Heating a call: (610) 557-3302. Serving the Reading, PA area, our expert team is standing by and ready to help with your maintenance needs!

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