Summer Checklist for Your AC and Plumbing System

Picture this: Waking up from a rested sleep only to step into an ice-cold shower, BRRRR! How about looking forward to relaxing in a cool, air conditioned home after a long day of work, only to walk into what feels like a greenhouse. If these scenarios make you cringe, we don’t blame you!

Backyard BBQs, graduation parties, play dates, you name it — we know that summertime tends to bring more traffic through your home, thus forcing your plumbing and cooling system to work harder than they’re used to. To make sure your summer is smooth sailing, here’s your checklist of must-dos to prepare your plumbing and cooling system for the warmer months ahead.

Summer Plumbing System Checklist

Check for Leaks
From faucets and shower heads to your toilet and water heater, household leaks can waste more than one trillion gallons of water each year in the U.S. With all that water being wasted it’s no surprise that leaks put a toll on your monthly utility bills! Work to save water (and money) this summer by inspecting your home for leaks and calling us for an immediate repair — sprinkler system included!

Add Drain Strainers to All Drains
Cheap yet effective, these devices can help catch hair, food and other debris before they can enter your pipes. But remember, it’s still important to be cognizant of what you’re putting down your drains (and garbage disposal) to begin with. That means no firm or fibrous produce, greasy bones, cooking oils or grease!

Inspect Your Washing Machine
Summertime means outdoor fun — and with outdoor fun comes grass-stained, sweaty clothing that needs washing. To prepare for this excess usage, you’ll want to inspect your washing machine to ensure it’s ready for duty. Cracks, leaks or bulges in your machine’s hose should be replaced now to avoid a sudden burst later.

Check Your Water Heater
Water heaters play an important role in your home, from providing hot showers to washing clothes and dishes. To avoid complications, check your water heater for leaks and odd sounds. We also recommend turning the temperature down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce energy consumption and prevent scalding.

Service Your Sewer Lines
If your sewer line malfunctions, the rest of your home’s drain system is in trouble. And since your sewer line is underground, you can often miss what’s going on until it’s too late. Luckily, we can help! With our plumbing camera inspection service, we’ll be able to remove the guesswork and get to the root of your problem before it becomes a plumbing disaster.

Summer Cooling System Checklist

Check Your Air Filter
Dirty air filters not only impede system performance but can contribute to poor indoor air quality, increasing allergens and dust in your home. To ensure cool air flow and optimal performance, we recommend replacing your air conditioner’s filter before this year’s summer season.

Seal Air Leaks
Leaks in your plumbing system may not be the only reason you’re experiencing energy loss — your duct system could also be a culprit. Leaky ductwork can contribute to longer cooling times, as can openings around windows or doors.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit
If your unit is covered in dirt, weeds or other debris, it’ll have a harder time cooling your home. Make sure the area around your unit is free from obstruction — you may also consider covering it with a small tarp before mowing your lawn!

Calibrate Your Thermostat
To avoid an overly hot or cold home, you’ll want to test your thermostat for proper operation. If you have an older model, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade! Programmable thermostats are great for reducing energy bills and providing more control over the climate in a home.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up
While you may be able to perform the above on your own, it’s still advisable to contact your local cooling technicians for a seasonal tune-up. We’ll ensure no minor issues are overlooked so that you can have a fully functional, energy-efficient unit for years to come.

Don’t worry, you’re not in this alone! The plumbing and cooling experts at Essig are here to help. From leak detection and repair to AC tune-ups, we pride ourselves in helping the residents of Berks and Lehigh Counties stay comfortable and cool in their homes all summer long. Contact us today: (610) 557-3302

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