Important Events in Heating Maintenance History

As you sit there in your home, all snuggled up and cozy enjoying your home’s heat, you might not think twice about how heating maintenance even began throughout history. Imagine not having a furnace during the winter season. It’s crazy to think about, but back in the day, heating maintenance existed even during the times of the Ancient Romans. And even before then, cavemen were around, lighting fires to stay warm during the winter months. So as you are in your home, enjoying the lovely heat running in your home, it may be interesting to read about the important events that occurred in heating maintenance history. To see how far we have come is pretty incredible, and to know about some facts regarding heat, may surprise you.

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Heating Maintenance’s Most Important Events

Well, where do we start? Throughout time, heating has been the life support for so many lives. Nothing is more important than staying warm during the winter, and with the ever-changing technology that we see today, heating maintenance is being optimized to benefit so many people at an efficient rate. Dating all the way back to Ancient Roman history, the first central heating system was created. The way they maintained heat was through the channeling of hot air from a furnace through pipes and under floors. Pretty straightforward, huh? Well, this, of course, wasn’t enough as winter became more and more of a factor during the seasons. The next great and new invention came in the 14th century, where the first chimney was invented. Fast forward to 1741, and you have one of our greatest founding father’s invent a safer, efficient stove. Not only was this another exceptional accomplishment made by good old Ben Frank, but it also changed the dynamic for the future! Once the 19th century rolls around, we run into low-cost iron radiators, which makes a booming impact on markets. Soon after, Dave Lennox former American inventor and businessman manufactures and sells a steel coal furnace in 1895. He was the first to do so, which started a trend throughout heating maintenance history.

More History of Heating Maintenance

To continue on with our history lesson, let’s start with the first patent. Even though the Romans technically get some credit for creating the first ever central heating system, Alice Parker was the first to pounce on the opportunity, creating the first patent on the modern central heating system in 1919. She created the gas heating system, which can heat an entire building. A few years later, the first force air furnace is invented in 1935, using coal as a heat source. Not only did this have a huge impact at the time, but it flipped the landscape on heating maintenance. Following that solution to heating maintenance just a few years later, the first ground heat pump is created by the famous inventor, Robert C. Webber.

Heating Today

Today, heating maintenance is greatly important, and with more and more focus on efficiency, heating has become a benefactor for many homes. We have come such a long way with heating maintenance, and it’s incredible to think about the discoveries and even the inventions that help skyrocket heating systems. Not only have the events changed the game for heating maintenance, but it also makes you wonder what could come next as the next great heating invention. Even though technology continues to change and climate tends to fluctuate all over the place, one thing is for certain, heating maintenance is always a must. Taking care of your heating system can make all the difference, so prepare for winter the right way and don’t leave your family or home at risk.

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