Helpful Tips for Avoiding Heating Service Scams

A heating service will be one of the most important things to consider this season if you want to have a reliable source of heat this season. The weather is cooling down and before your home turns into a giant block of ice, you need heating service immediately to guarantee your comfort. However, while there are many awesome heating contractors out there, there are a few who are not as they appear. Even if they appear all smiles at first, they may be scam artists looking to simply make the most money out of you as possible. Hiring one of these contractors may be the worst mistake you make this winter. Not only will they leave you without heat, their faulty work may also put your family’s well-being at risk. A faulty repair may greater your risk of experiencing a home heating fire, which become all the more common during the winter. Installation work can prove troublesome as well. A poorly installed furnace can bring all sorts of problems to the table like poor energy efficiency and shortened system lifespan. It may also turn out to be the reason why you are seeking furnace replacement much sooner than you anticipated, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. Fortunately, avoiding these scam artists is possible, and all it takes is a few simple tips to ensure you get a contractor that you can count on for anything.
Calling P.W. Essig for High-Quality Service
P.W. Essig offers honest, upfront service that will ensure you have heating in your home guaranteeing 100% comfort. We offer a wide range of heating services including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. Hiring a heating contractor from P.W. Essig to do the job will give you heat that’s absolutely worth the money, ensuring your family’s comfort and you not putting a massive dent into your savings. You can enjoy plenty of benefits, including: reduced spending on repairs and installation, reduced risk of home heating fires, extended system lifespan, improved energy efficiency, and so much more. You can also expect successful installations that will last for ten years or more instead of only a few months. A call to P.W. Essig isn’t just a way to keep your home warm; it’s a way to ensure a better peace of mind throughout the entire winter. Our dedicated customer service will ensure not a single day goes by without
How Can You Avoid Heating Service Scams?
The next time you think you’ve encountered a scam service, please take these helpful tips into consideration:

Get a Second Opinion: If your chosen HVAC service company is giving you a price that doesn’t seem right for you, feel free to get a second opinion. Regardless of the scope of the repair or maintenance service, getting a second opinion should be expected. You don’t necessarily want to make your choice based on upfront price estimates as that can be problematic too, but having two estimates to compare at least gives you an idea of average prices.
Ask to See Replaced Parts: One of the most common signs of a scam is when an unscrupulous HVAC contractors says they’ve replaced a particular part in your system when in fact they didn’t replace the part at all. Asking for the part that was removed from your system will provide peace of mind as it allows you to ensure they were actually replaced.
Contractors Replacing HVAC Parts with Old Ones: If your contractor says they have a used part that can save you money, turn down the offer. Used parts may not be the ideal fit for your system and can cause significant drain on the overall unit and create unnecessary furnace hazards.
Beware of Upfront Money Requests: While a contractor can give pricing in terms of how much you will be paying for a project, it is suspect if they ask to be paid before the work even begins. . Payment should only happen after the project has been completed, and you should always receive a receipt. Making checks out to the technician’s name is a no-no, too — they should always be payable to the business.
Avoid Offers for Frequent Tune-Ups: You should be calling your local heating company for a heating system tune-up once a year.However, some contractors will try to get more money out the deal by offering frequent tune-ups. For example, if they are recommending a quarterly tune-up instead of an annual one, you should stay far away.
Get Estimates in Writing: Your reputable heating contractor will have no problem providing you with written verification of anything you’ve discussed either in person or on the phone. You deserve to know how much you’re paying for service, and have every right to be cautious if the contractor is hesitant to give you a written estimate.

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