5 Common Problems to Make You Consider Boiler Repair in Boyertown

With all those fancy boiler models on the market today, you may think boiler repair in Boyertown this fall and winter won’t be needed. But think again! No matter how efficient your boiler may be, problems will arise that will require professional attention. While it’s true that today’s boiler models are better than ever, it doesn’t mean you’re immune from the threat of breakdowns and other issues that can prevent you from experiencing heating to its fullest potential.
PW Essig offers excellent boiler repair in Boyertown that includes a wide range of services to cover all of your bases. No matter how minor or major the repair, you can always count on PW Essig’s team of plumbers to get the job done. We offer around-the-clock service that aims work around your schedule so you get furnace repair at a time that benefits you!
Boiler Repair in Boyertown: 5 Common Problems
Though there are a wide range of trouble that can befall your boiler, there are a few our plumbers comes across often. Here 5 common problems that sends our customers to the phone to call us:

Leaks and Cracks: There are a number of different things that could cause your boiler to leak, but you would need to find the location of the leak in order to identify the problem. A single leak can waste up to hundreds of gallons of water and cost you plenty of money on monthly water bills.
Thermostat Issues: If you’ve never replaced or upgraded your thermostat, it’s possible for that to be the cause of your heating issues. As they get older, they typically become less accurate and misread temperature settings. This results in heat turning on and off by itself. If you don’t want to get a new thermostat just yet, our heating professionals can clean and recalibrate it to get it back working like normal.
No Heat or Hot Water: This can be caused by a variety of different things from broken diaphragms to motorized valve failure. If you have low water levels, that may also be the problem.
Loud Banging Noises: If there is air in the system, you’ll probably hear a banging, whistling, or gurgling noise coming from your heating system. It may also be caused by the buildup of lime scale or low water pressure. Either way, call for boiler repair in Boyertown if you hear nay loud or distracting noise.
Decreased Pressure: Unfortunately, if you have a loss of pressure in your system, that means you have a leak. Though it does sound like a serious issue, it can usually be remedied by replacing the pressure relief valve and recharging the expansion vessel with air.

Contact PW Essig for boiler repair in Boyertown. We’ll take of your boiler problems quickly if you make the call now!

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