5 Common Heat Pump Problems Solved by Our Plumber in Boyertown

Are your heat pumps not performing up to your standards? Then it’s time to call a plumber in Boyertown who can fix any of your problems. The colder months are approaching sooner than you think and you want your heat pump to be working to supply you with heating even when the outdoor temperatures dip below freezing. While you’re no doubt planning your next Halloween party or visiting a pumpkin patch this fall, you should also make getting your heat pump fixed one of your top priorities for the season.
And if you’re looking for a plumber in Boyertown who can repair it with ease, then look no further than PW Essig. We’ll supply you with a plumber who can handle even the most complex heat pump problems. And best of all? We offer quick, same-day service at a fair price to keep the heat pumping and your stress down to a minimum.
Our Plumber in Boyertown: 5 Common Heat Pump Problems
There’s really nothing our plumber in Boyertown hasn’t seen before. In fact, there are 5 common problems we encounter quite often, which includes the following:

Compressor Malfunction: The compressor inside your heat pump moves refrigerant throughout your system to facilitate the cooling process. A malfunctioning compressor could be the result of faulty electrical wiring or other defective components. We will diagnose the malfunctioning compressor, replace any damaged components or the entire compressor if necessary.
Burned Wires: The wiring inside your heat pump ensures all components are connected and running in harmony. They can become damaged due to a power surge, rodent activity or poor installation. We can inspect all electrical connections and replace faulty or damaged wiring as needed.
Damaged or Defective Fans: A heat pump with a damaged or defective fan will not even start. With the passage of time or heavy use, fan blades can deteriorate or the capacitor that powers the fan can fail. We will check to make sure your fan is in working order and make any necessary repairs or replacements.
Condenser Problems: The condenser is vital to the air cooling process that occurs inside your heat pump. The most common causes of condenser failure are faulty wiring or dirty evaporator coils. We will examine your condenser to determine which of these is at fault and replace the condenser, fix the poor connections or clean the coils depending on our findings.
Faulty Blowers: The blower component of your heat pump is responsible for moving air into your home after it has been cooled. If the blower has a poor connection or malfunctioning capacitor, you will not receive cool air. We will inspect your blower and address and replacements or repairs that are needed to get it up and running again.

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