AC Repair in Berks County – 3 Tips From PW Essig

ac repair

PW Essig should be your number-one service for AC repair in Berks County. Summertime is on the horizon, and we’d hate to see your AC blow out and unable to combat the hot, harsh temperatures. But don’t worry, because our AC experts carry with them plenty of experience and wisdom to ensure your AC is running as smooth as ever. We’re only one phone call away!
However, we’re also happy to give you repair advice so when problems with your AC advise, you know exactly what to do. Aspiring do-it-yourselfers should take note! Here are 3 tips from our plumbers that will be ultimately beneficial this summer:

Check the Drain Tube: One critical sign your AC needs repair is if you notice your AC is leaking excess condensation. Usually, condensation built up in your AC will be eliminated by a drain tube. However, every now and then, the drain tube will become blocked or broken. When you first notice leakage, fish through the AC’s internal components and locate the drain tube to see if there are any blockages in the drain tube that you can fix. If there’s anything you can’t unblock, call a professional.

Listen to Strange Noises: Listen to your AC and note when you hear any strange noises coming from inside the AC. This could be a sign of a dying motor or, if it’s an older belt-driven AC, it could be a sign of a worn and torn belt. Also check the AC’s internal components for any blockage that may be causing the noise. If your AC’s motor is dying, then it may not just be time for repair, but possibly total replacement.

Clean or Replace Filters: The filters in your AC needs to be replace or cleaned every now and then. It should be done on a monthly basis and it certainly doesn’t hurt to do a routine check to see if the AC’s filters are working properly. Refusing to do so can create all sorts of problems with your AC. A dirty or old filter can prevent your AC from blasting cool air in your home or, depending on the severity, prevent it from starting up at all.

Call PW Essig for any and all AC repair in Berks County. There are plenty of things you can do to take care of your AC but for the big problems, leave it up to our trusted professionals!

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