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Why Drain Cleaning is a Two Man Job in Reading

You Didn’t Think We’d Show Up at Your Home Alone, Did You?

Essig, Inc. has been cleaning out drains for over 70 years, so we know how intense a process it can be, and how much easier it is when we have multiple people at the job site.

Even the most experienced technicians will benefit from an extra set of hands, and here’s why.

Two is Better Than One

  1. Being in the tight confines of your crawl space can make it difficult to move equipment around without damaging anything. Having another person there helps to ensure we don’t break the tools we need to fix your drains.
  2. The second person also helps with feeding and retracting the cables, while the other works the actual machine.
  3. If, during the cabling, large appliances have to be taken apart and moved, having a second person there to properly guide the fixtures helps to make sure we don’t damage your property.
  4. Because drain lines can run underground, they are sometimes difficult to find. Having two professionals working on the location process together will make it all that much easier and faster.

Rest assured that we will be there every step of the way – with the appropriate number of people! – and won’t leave until your drains are completely cleared. Call Essig today!

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