The Drawbacks of Using Drain Cleaning Chemicals in Reading

A Harmful Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem
It will be hard to convince our expert plumbing team here at Essig that drain cleaning chemicals are good to use for clogs. While they do serve as a temporary fix to an annoying blockage, they actually do more harm than good.
Why Essig Cautions Against Drain Cleaning Chemicals

The store-bought chemicals that are so easily accessible are made up of extremely corrosive substances that will eventually erode your pipes.
Because they are only a short-term solution, you are risking the integrity of your pipes for nothing. Clogs will quickly become a long-term problem if not dealt with in the appropriate way.
The initial cost might make sense to you – a cheap home remedy vs. a service call. But, you have to think bigger. The more drain cleaners you use, the more damage you will end up doing to your pipes. You could even damage them so badly that they will eventually need replacement. Those replacement costs could have been avoided with a service call in the beginning. Don’t put yourself in that situation!
Plus, our cabling and water jetting services are far more effective than the results you will get from Drano or Liquid Plumber. Those types of drain cleaners might wash away grease or hair, but they do nothing for the larger, more difficult clogs.

Don’t ruin your plumbing with these harmful drain cleaning chemicals. Let our team come in, clean your pipes from top to bottom, and get your plumbing system back to working like new! Call Essig today!

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