Gas Boiler Problems in Reading

If you decide to undertake gas boiler troubleshooting in Reading, PA on your own, you need to be extremely careful. There are some things you can do yourself, but other maintenance steps need to be taken by a trained professional. Gas boilers can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you can do. For example, the area surrounding the boiler can quickly fill with gas. This is not only hazardous to breathe, of course, but can also present risks of fire or explosion. Boilers commonly have dust and debris that accumulate in them, and disturbing these pollutants can damage your eyes.

The professionals with Essig Plumbing and Heating know all the dangers of working with gas boilers, and know how to remain safe. If you have any doubt whatsoever in regard to working on a gas boiler, the best bet is to call us and let us handle it.

Here are some common gas boiler problems, and some steps you may be able to take to fix them on your own.

Boiler Not Producing Enough Heat in Reading

If you’re experiencing this problem you could have a clogged system, a problem with the power supply, or you could have a malfunctioning thermostat. Look at your circuit breaker and make sure it has not been tripped, and make sure no fuses are blown. Relight your pilot light if it is out. Look at the thermostat, make sure it is turned to “heat,” and then turn it up a few degrees to see if the boiler starts. Also, clear the boiler of any dirt and debris that have accumulated – make sure you wear safety goggles when you do so.

Boiler Water Leaks in Reading

Possible causes of this problem include a faulty pressure relief valve, cracked pipe or a malfunctioning pump. Locate the pressure relief valve and see if it is leaking. If so, increase the pressure to about 15 PSI by adding water. If you have a cracked pipe, turn off your water and seal the pipe. Fill the boiler with water, turn it on and see if the leaking stops. If not, you’ll more than likely have to call a professional to replace that pipe. If the pump is bad there is nothing you’ll be able to do. You’ll have to call a technician to replace it.

Gas Boiler Heating in Reading

This more than likely means too much air is getting into your radiators. Check the valve at the top or the radiator by opening it until water squirts out, and then close it. If the problem still persists, call a professional.

Noisy Gas Boiler Pipes in Reading

This could be caused by radiator valves that are either not fully opened or closed. Another cause could be water trapped in your return lines because your radiator or radiators are set at an incorrect angle. First, check all of your radiator valves and make sure they are either completely open or closed. Next, place a piece of wood under one end of the radiator and make it angle toward the boiler. This will allow any extra condensation to flow back toward the boiler.

For all of your gas boiler needs, look no further than Paul W. Essig. Call us today!

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