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Essig Plumbing- What’s the Best Water Heater For Your Home?
Did you know that the technology of your current residential water heater could be over 100 years old?  The original patent for the first tradition storage tank heater was created in 1897 by a man named Edwin Rudd, and people have been heating the water in their homes the same way ever since.  However, since the technology is so old, it’s been inevitable changed and improved upon.  Particularly in the last couple of decades, a number of new water heating system models have enter the market and changed the game for the industry; now, instead of just one simple option, homeowners have a number of designs, fuel-sources, and efficiency levels to choose from.
But which type is right for you?
There’s no company better than Essig Plumbing to help you understand your water heating needs.  We want our customers to be informed and make qualified decisions, that way we can always be positive that our replacements are smart and cost effective.  This article will introduce you to some of the different types of water heating that are the most popular and successful in the U.S. currently.  From there, you can contact our expert service professionals for recommendations, assistance, and unit installations.  Sounds good, right?
So here are the three main types of water heating:

Conventional Water Heating– This is our good friend Edwin Rudd’s design. These units work by holding water in a 40 to 80 gallon tank at a preset temperature.  The disadvantages of this system include energy waste (since the storage tank is always being heated, even when the water isn’t being piped through the home) and extra maintenance requirements such as refills and tank replacements.  Still, many old American homes have conventional boilers already installed and heating their water right now.
Tankless Water Heating– A more modern style of water heating is the tankless unit, which heats water in a series of coils rather than a storage tank.  Tankless heating’s perpetual stream of hot water is never stored, so you aren’t wasting heat.  These units are more advanced and can be more cost-efficient, effective, and eco-friendly than storage tank methods.
High-Efficiency Water Heating- While some of the most efficient water heaters may be the most expensive, they are worth considering as a long term investment.  High-Efficiency Water Heaters use natural gas to heat your water in the most environmentally conscious way possible.  They save you money on your utility bill in the long run by making the most of every ounce of energy.

It’s good to be a consumer in a market with options!  Let us help you make a decision today by contact for an up-front estimate that isn’t subject to hidden fees.  We’ll let you know if you can stand to benefit from a replacement in the near future, so call today to get started so you don’t waste another cent.

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