Water Heater Replacement in Reading, PA

Out with the old, in with the new

A customer called saying they heard a water sound coming from their basement. Any water noise, in no matter where in your house, should be carefully looked at.

It could be an easy repair, or a possible replacement of your entire water heater. Chances are, if your house has an old water heater you are probably going to need to replace it.

With this water heater in particular it could have been a number of issues: the water softener, the age of the unit (12 years old), ports in toilet tank were getting diminished, or calcium build-up in the pipes.

The main issue here is the fact that the water heater is 12 years old. On average, water heaters last between 8 to 12 years. Just like any appliance if you properly maintain it, it will last much longer. In this case this water heater has just about reached its full life’s potential.

The solution for this particular customer was to simply replace the water heater and purchase a water filtration system to extend the life of the heater. This is called preventative maintenance because it helps to avoid possible future damage to your property and other household appliances that are linked up with your water heater.

Choose a new water heater that’s best for you

When it comes to finding the right water heater that works for you there are a few options to choose from. One option would be installing a Quality Bradford 50-gallon electric water heater. This deal includes a 10-year warranty on the tank and also a 5-year parts and labor warranty on pad valves and disposal.

Another option is installing a Standard Bradford 50-gallon electric heater, which includes a 6-year warranty and 3-year parts and labor warranty on valve fittings and disposal.

How can I preserve my water heater?

There are many ways to preserve your water heater, one of them being water softeners. What exactly is a water softener? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like: It softens hard water.

Hard water is water that has a lot of minerals that can eventually build up in your pipes. By installing a water softer device, it eliminates these minerals entering your water tank and in turn makes your water much softer and prevents mineral build-up in your tank.

A toxin shield cartridge system is another good option for preserving your water tank and making the water you drink, cook, clean, and bathe with much cleaner and safer for you and your family.

Toxin shields protect against unregulated toxins, and remove chlorine that can cause dry and irritated skin. Also, all of these chemicals are harmful to your water heater and can eat away at the lining, which over time can cause leaks and damage.

If you think you need to replace your water heater call Essig today. Make it easy. Make it Essig.

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