Water Heater Needs a New Anode in Reading, PA

Anode helps keep your water tank running for longer
An anode is a device in a water heater that helps extend the life of a tank. There are many corrosive elements that can eat through a tank’s lining and require you to get a new system. The anode is designed to attract those elements so that they don’t attack the tank itself.
It is fairly simple to switch out an anode. However, you need to make sure you get the right one for your appliance. For example, if you have soft water, buy a magnesium anode. If you have hard water, get one made of aluminum. Take the old one out and bring it with you to the hardware store to be on the safe side.
To remove the old anode, turn off the power to your water heater (at the unit and at the circuit breaker) and drain about half of the water out of the tank. Loosen the fitting at the bottom of the old anode, but make sure you do it gently so that you don’t break it. Once you’ve chosen the correct replacement, put plumber’s tape on the connection threads to make sure it fits as snugly as possible.
Call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today if you would rather have us take care of your water heater anode replacement.

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