Toilet Won’t Stop Running in Reading, PA

The longer it runs, the higher your water bill
One common cause of a constantly running toilet is a problem with the fill valve. If yours needs replacement, you should be able to take care of this problem yourself. Don’t put it off, though, because the longer the issue is allowed to persist, the more water your toilet will be wasting. As a result, your water bill will continue to be too high. Here are the steps to take in order to perform a fill valve replacement:

First, shut off the water supply by turning off the shut-off valve. You’ll probably find it under the tank.
Put a couple of large towels under the tank and flush the toilet. Use a ladle or glass to scoop as much leftover water out of the tank as possible.
Loosen the nut under the old fill valve. Some water may come out of the tank, which is why you put the towels down. Take the refill tube off the old valve and take the valve out. Read the manufacturer’s directions to connect the new valve.
Put the nut back on, turn on the shut-off valve, and flush the toilet. It should stop once the bowl refills with water.

Call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today if this doesn’t solve your problem of a continually running toilet.

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