What You Need to Know About Storm Drains in Reading

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Storm Drains Keep Water From Flooding Your Basement
Much like you have sewer lines that run underground, you have drains that do, too. Those are called storm drains, and they serve to route groundwater into the storm system to stop it from seeping up into your foundation or basement. Storm drains are actually embedded into the basement wall or foundation, so they are also referred to as drain tiles.
They are an essential part of your plumbing system, and here’s why.
Benefits of Storm Drains

They help protect the parts of your property that are prone to water damage.
During heavy rains, it’s possible for water to do some serious damage to your basement. Storm drains prevent water from building up against the foundation of your home, and keep the interior of the foundation dry.
Storm drains also relieve water pressure.

Problems can arise when drain tiles get blocked up from silt that was washed into it by ground water.
Letting that silt build up will eventually block the flow of ground water getting into the storm drain system. And that’s something you definitely don’t want to happen. When water can’t naturally flow from your home’s drainage system to the outside storm drain system, your basement floors and walls can start to leak.
To prevent these storms drain problems, you should invest in a clean-out. Clean-outs can reestablish steady flow and get the drains moving properly. This relieves the pressure and stops the silt from building up, getting hard, and causing blockages.
Another way to prevent clogs is to keep the storm drain well maintained. Fortunately, Essig not only installs storm drains, but we also repair and service them!
If you’d like to stop rain and groundwater from damaging your basement and foundation, then call Essig today for your storm drain installation!

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