Fact vs Fiction About Your Reading Tankless Water Heater

How much do you know about tankless water heaters?

Better question: How much of what you do know is true? That’s what we are here to dispute. Tankless water heaters are still fairly new in the United States – having been popular overseas for quite some time. You may be thinking about replacing the current water heater you have, and we think you deserve to know all the facts about tankless systems so you can start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

Myth #1: Tankless water heating systems are expensive to operate.

Truth: Using a tankless water heater is actually much less expensive, saving you up to 20% on your energy bills. How? Well, it doesn’t store hot water that isn’t being used so you’re not paying an energy bill based on an estimated use of hot water. Water in a tankless system is used on an “as needed” basis, while traditional ones keep water warm 24 hours a day racking up your water bills.

Myth #2: Tankless water heaters don’t supply enough water.

Truth: Because tankless systems don’t have a storage tank, there is never a shortage of hot water. A 40 gallon tanked water heater, for example, stores exactly 40 gallons of hot water. Once that’s used up, the water must be reheated which can take as long as 30 minutes. With tankless, water is heated as it passes over a heating element to an outlet so as long as you need it, you’ll get it.

Myth #3: Tankless water heaters heat water to unsafe temperatures.

Truth: These systems offer adjustable thermostats for personalized use which means you can set the thermostat to meet your needs. If you want it really hot because that’s how you like it, then so be it. You can also choose to have it lukewarm if that’s what you prefer. And much like your tanked water heater, tankless ones come with a thermostat to prevent overheating and scalding. Your water temperature will not get too hot unless you set it that way.

Myth #4: Tankless water heater’s don’t supply a continuous flow of hot water.

Truth: Cold water will not occasionally enter the hot water stream because cold water passes over a heating element before it reaches the outlet. Just because a tankless water heater doesn’t store hot water, doesn’t mean it won’t meet your hot water demands.

Myth #5:  Tankless water heaters are inefficient.

Truth: If the above reasons weren’t enough to debunk this myth, here is another thing that will help you understand why tankless systems are anything but inefficient. First, let us explain that tanked water heaters leave a much larger carbon footprint than a tankless does. Because tanked water heaters store hot water, using a pilot light to keep it hot, they waste energy. Tankless systems, on the other hand, use clean energy at minimal use. It costs little to operate a tankless water heater in comparison to a tanked one.

Don’t let the myths you’ve heard discourage you. Know the facts – and call Essig Plumbing & Heating today for your tankless water heater installation needs!

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