Sewer Line Clog in Reading, PA

Water jets the best way to clear a clog
Because this clog was far down the line, we used a water jet to clear it completely. In addition, we capped the outside line. For some reason it was not covered, allowing debris such as acorns to easily cause an obstruction.
There are several types of clogs that can form in a sewer line, including toilet paper, foreign objects and even tree roots. The traditional method of sending a snake down a line is good for draining standing water from a plumbing system, but it rarely clears a clog completely. Many times, the snake will only provide a temporary fix because it will only clear a small path for water to flow. Eventually, the clog will re-form and you’ll have the same problem all over again.
The best way to clear a clog for good is by using a powerful piece of equipment known as a water jet. This sends a high-pressure stream of water down a drain to obliterate obstructions so that pipes are totally clear. This scours the pipes and flushes obstructions to the city sewer system.
Call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today if you have a sewer drain clog so that we can clear it permanently.

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