Water Heater Leak in Reading, PA

Flushing your tank can prevent water heater leaks
Any time you have a leaking water heater, that is a sign that you should have your unit replaced as soon as possible. Any sort of leak can lead to substantial damage to your home; the longer the leak is allowed to last, the worse the damage you may suffer.
Most water heaters last around ten years, but in some instances they develop problems much sooner. In this particular instance, for example, the customer’s water heater was only five years old. When corrosive materials eat away at the inside of a tank, that tank cannot be repaired and must be replaced.
If you have your tank flushed on a regular basis, however, you may be able to get more years out of your unit. Some people also have an extra anode installed in their tank so that corrosion will be reduced. When this device is installed, it attracts corrosive materials so they don’t attack the inside of the tank.
If you need a water heater replacement, make sure your new one is the correct size since your water needs may have changed since the original unit was installed.
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