Refrigerant Leak Detection in Your A/C Unit

The seasoned A/C professionals at Essig understand the financial toll leaking A/C refrigerant can take over time and heavy use. For this reason, we consider refrigerant leak detection an essential service practice. The likelihood of your system springing a leak increases the longer you go between technical maintenance and servicing. Although tight, effective and efficient A/C systems with minimal refrigerant leakage may not pose a problem, a more serious leak will.
These leaks can be very pricey, leading to high energy and repair bills. Imagine liquid gold pouring from your air conditioning system on to the ground and the reality is not far off. R-22 (the most common refrigerant in older systems) replacement can be very costly and without an expensive upgrade to your system; newer, cheaper types of refrigerant cannot be used. So if you notice a refrigerant leak, the best course of action is to immediately contact us. Rest assured, we have seen and fixed this problem more times than we can count. At Essig we have the process of locating and repairing the leak down to an exact science.
Recognizing a refrigerant leak is half the battle. Although most leaks are small and subtle, in some cases, they will be obvious and plainly visible to the eye. The most common visible leaks are a line break, an oil blockage or a refrigerant vapor cloud of escaping gas. Some leaks can even be detected audibly if your system is pressurized and large leaks exist. Listen for a soft hiss of escaping gas or vapor. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to repair. If you suspect your A/C unit has sprung a leak, contact us immediately at (610) 557-3302

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