3 Warning Signs You Need Air Conditioning Replacement in Boyertown, PA

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Air conditioning replacement in Boyertown, PA is one crucial step in ensuring you have cool, comfortable air in your home this summer. Feeling like your current air conditioning system has seen better days? Tired of dealing with a lack of quality cool air? Or are you just looking for a change? No matter, you need to consider replacing your cooling system to avoid getting stuck in all that suffocating summertime heat.
And if you’re looking for a service company to help you, look no further than P.W. Essig. Our team of cooling experts make air conditioning replacement in Boyertown, PA quick and easy. Don’t allow the chance to get a new air conditioning system pass you by this summer. Get the cool air you and your family deserve this summer!
Air Conditioning Replacement in Boyertown, PA: When Should You Call Us?
Not sure if you need to replace your air conditioning system? You may want to take a look a few warnings signs, including:

Old Age: Do you own an air conditioning system over 15 years of age? Even if it still works fine, you may be better off replacing it. Your air conditioning system is more likely to experience breakdowns as it advances in age, costing you more on repair bills and increasing energy consumption. A modern air conditioning system is what you need to ensure you get an uninterrupted flow of cool air for a longer period of time.
Higher Energy Costs: You may take greener initiatives in your home but if your air conditioning isn’t working properly, you may still experience higher costs on energy bills. A failing air conditioning system is more likely to experience an interrupted flow of cool air, resulting in the system forcing itself to work even harder. Newer systems have a higher Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) that keeps costs down to a minimum while still giving you high-quality cool air.
Slow Startup or No Cool Air: Your air conditioning should start up immediately as soon as you turn it on, but it may come to a point where it takes increasingly longer for it to start working. It may even stop producing cool air entirely. Of course, during the summer, you need a steady flow of cool air at all times, and the system needs to be replaced if it’s not producing what it’s designed to handle.

Contact P.W. Essig today if you need air conditioning replacement in Boyertown, PA that ensures you have comfortable, highly-efficient cool air!

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