Ask Our Boyertown Plumber: How Can You Solve These Winter Plumbing Problems?

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Don’t let that quiet, visually captivating snowfall fool you. This season can wreak havoc on your plumbing once it’s all set and done, and you may have to spend the spring trying to repair it all. Leaky faucets, frozen pipes, and septic tank problems are only a few of the things that can go wrong with your plumbing when the weather outside is frightful. Even when you’re probably doing your best to keep yourself warm during the season, the state of your plumbing still matter, especially if you want to live comfortably in your home.
PW Essig has a Boyertown plumber is here to save the day by helping you fix plumbing problems before they worsen. We want to see our customers experience the most stress-free winter, and part of making that possible is teaching you what to do when a problem pops up out of nowhere. Yes, that’s right: you can take action against plumbing problems. Our team can turn you into a plumbing-fixing pro in no time at all!
Learn to Take Care of These Problems!
If you encounter any of these plumbing problems, please take note of the following solutions to keep your plumbing working:

Frozen Pipes: Frozen pipes are probably the worst problem you can experience this winter. They are often caused due to water in your pipes freezing and expanding, leaving you unable to use some essential plumbing fixtures. These pipes may burst if not treated by a professional. How to Solve: If you suspect your pipes are on the verge of freezing, run the tap slightly to keep water flowing. The movement of water will prevent freezing, even if it may cost you a bit more on water bills.
Drain Clogs: Drain clogs will occur at any time of the year, but especially during the winter when you’re cooking plenty of hot, greasy meals. Grease can actually harden in your drains and make passage near impenetrable. How to Solve: Instead of throwing grease down the drain, store it in a plastic bag before discarding it in the regular garbage. If your grease buildup does occur, call a professional for hydro jetting service that will blast any causes of clogging away.
Malfunctioning Water Heaters: All too often, homeowners will set the temperature on the water heater too high, which is a waste of energy and could result in water verging on scalding. Though it’s understandable to rely on hot water during the winter, you may see the costs of energy bills increase significantly. How to Solve: Set the temperature on your water heater below 125 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’re not wasting money on energy bills. If you own a water heater run on natural gas, make sure the pilot light is lit at all times.

Contact PW Essig today to learn more from a Boyertown plumber on how you can keep your home free from plumbing problems!

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