Need Drain Cleaning in Hamburg, PA? Call PW Essig!

If your drains are slow, smelly or clogged, call PW Essig for top-rated drain cleaning in Hamburg!
Why You Need Drain Cleaning
Sooner or later, every homeowner will have to clean his or her property’s drains. Household wastewater typically contains a lot of organic matter, and over time, this builds up in the form of sediment on the inside of drains and pipes. Eventually, so much sediment can accumulate that the diameter of the passage becomes narrower and narrower, resulting in lower and lower drain speeds. Finally, if something becomes lodged in the drain because it can’t pass through anymore, then your drain gets clogged, possibly causing backflow and even burst pipes.
At the same time, drains can also get clogged by tree roots, which grow into the pipes looking for nutrients. The roots form stubborn blockages and can cause significant damage to the pipes.
Fortunately, regular drain maintenance and cleaning can prevent all of this from happening.
Drain Maintenance Tips
Now you know what happens inside of your drains, you’ll appreciate the importance of good maintenance. Keep these tips in mind:

Use your garbage disposal to grind up large pieces of waste, and always flush the waste away properly with hot water.
Never throw plastic, glass, metal or paper in the garbage disposal.
Never throw fat or oil down the drain: dispose of it in a sealed container instead.
Never flush bulky items such as diapers or sanitary towels down the toilet.
Clean your drains weekly with a solution of baking soda and hot water.
For more potent cleaning, use commercial drain cleaner instead.

For Severe Drain Issues, Call PW Essig!
Even if you keep the tips above in mind, your drain can still get clogged. And that’s when it’s time to call PW Essig. We offer top-rated drain cleaning services to homeowners in the Hamburg area. Thanks to our advanced equipment and technology, we can use non-invasive techniques such as video camera inspection and hydro jetting to pinpoint the problem and resolve it quickly and cost-effectively. So don’t let clogged drains spoil your day: call PW Essig instead!

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