Heat Pump Tune-Up in Reading, PA

Heat pump problems often caused by lack of maintenance
Heat pumps are typically very reliable and efficient, but like any other piece of equipment can develop a lot of problems. If your system isn’t maintained properly, it may have to work too hard to make you comfortable. This not only leads to higher energy bills, it can also substantially reduce its lifespan.
We often see several types of problems that can, in many instances, be caused in large part by a lack of maintenance. Heat pumps have bad reversing valves or compressor valves, or the compressor itself may not be running. They may have faulty fan motors or burned wires, defective capacitors, burned heat strips or frozen lines.
Many of these problems could be avoided by having a technician coming to your home and perform a thorough check of your heat pump. That way, you can make sure that little issues don’t become big, expensive problems.
Call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today so that we can check your heat pump.

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