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Clogged Kitchen Sink in Reading, PA

Video camera leak detection method easy way to find source of clog

We responded to a customer who reported that is kitchen sink was clogged. He had taken the trap out and it was clean, meaning that the clog was farther down the line.

Whenever a clog is hard to find, we have advanced technology that can make locating an obstruction much more efficient than ever before. We use a camera attached to a flexible cable that we send down a drain line so we can see the inside of your pipes. This camera transmits a high-resolution image to a monitor so that a plumber can see exactly what he needs to do to fix the problem.

Plumbers used to have to tear out walls and disassemble plumbing to get to the source of a clog. Now, a camera can pinpoint the exact location so that extensive excavation work is no longer necessary. This not only saves a great deal of time, it can also save customers a great deal of money.

If you have a stubborn clog, call Essig Plumbing and Cooling at (610) 557-3302. We’ll find the exact location so we can clear it as fast as possible.


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“We would definitely recommend Jared and Essig, and will not hesitate to call again if we need any plumbing help in the future. We were lucky that it turned out to be not as serious as we had feared, and he provided an easy solution to the problem.”
- Karin Taney
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